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Voting down because this might as well be a troll post.

The only reason I can think that someone would open up a post starting with 4 arbitrary statements from the Bible is simply to troll Christians and Atheists (and everyone in between) on the Daily Paul.

Listen, I consider Ron Paul to be one of the greatest people I have come to know (I am sure I will discover more in time, but I have much respect for the man and what he has done.) and he is a devote Christian.

However, the MAJORITY of his arguments consisted of logic, and not quotes from the holy book. (Although I do believe he made a case about gold using a bible reference).

So, I am glad you enjoy your religion, but please I don't want to hear about it. This is exactly why you have the angry Atheists making Anti Jesus pics on the net.

Oh also, Snowden is NOT doing God's work, because this quote from the book of the Flying Spaghetti Monster spells it out exactly how it is:

"The monster of spaghetti saw Snowden, handed him a plate of dill pickle chips, and showed him the mysteries of the universe fueling his current actions."

See how your post can seem stupid?