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Good News

I think it is fairly accurate to say many churches are not teaching the right ideas about Christ. Frankly, if they did they probably wouldn't have any members. The reality is almost everyone in the USA is a selfish rich prick and we will be among the "last". I'm not picking on anyone, it is just the truth about humanity. The point of learning about Christ and loving God is to try and get closer to following His lead and begging for forgiveness that we do not deserve.

Not very appealing when you hear it that way, but there is hope. If you believe in God your best bet is to think of yourself as a bad person trying to get better.

Further, the Bible talks about government and its importance. We are told to obey our leaders. The one caveat is that we obey God's law first.

Combine all this together and you get to the only reasonable conclusion; a libertarian government is the only rational government to have. A big government has lots of power given to few people. People are evil. Big government has more opportunity to be evil. Solution: smallest government possible to ensure God's will and not screw us all over. We managed to create such a government in the late 1700s so no need to figure out how to do it :) And that's the good news.