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is there such a thing as

is there such a thing as supply and demand? How can gold go to 400.00 when there is frantic buying. The panic buying has not even started yet. Again there are 2 prices. Paper price manipulated by the FED and the big banks and the true physical price. What you are seeing in Japan is they are printing money because it is their turn.
The reason the yen has strengthened is because the US cannot have a rising dollar and manipulate that market. Everyone thought that the dollar would rise against the yen. it didn't. Bear trap. Everyone thinks gold and silver are going much, much, much, lower. It may go down a little more, but that will be the final wash out. Watch the price of the physical metal. Then watch what happens when we get a black swan event. Watch what happens when the FED has a legit excuse to crank up the printing presses again. This Syrian war will provide that excuse. I agree the ultimate ending will be deflation. But it will be deflation against Gold and silver. IE, Gold and silver will buy much more. All paper currencies will become worthless.