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It is Easier to Follow Man, Rather Than God

It is understandable how a well meaning person can come to the wrong conclusions about out of context statements. I know - it happens to me.

This is a common problem with Bible Thumpers (it takes one to know one). They (we?) take verses out of context and tell you that you would not be following God unless you lived by their desired interpretation. Upon hearing these proclamations, many people would just turn red and have nothing to say because they do not see the fallacy. They might also avoid the genius Bible speaker in the future.

I see those "truth" scriptures differently than most people, but I would not try to impose my understanding on anyone else because I have not done an intensive study on the issue.

Here is my belief about the idea that all truth will be known (don't use this).

It has nothing to do with getting revenge or satisfaction from watching the big guy tear apart our enemies.

Knowing truth means knowing God. All truth will be known AFTER Jesus returns because the Bible describes God as truth. According to my interpretation, we will have nothing but problems until Jesus returns. It is our job to spread the good news in the meantime and to be a good example by living accordingly.

Gene Louis
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