Comment: Immigration is not a problem in a Libertarian Society

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Immigration is not a problem in a Libertarian Society

Issues or concerns with immigration are related to the government controls that are currently imposed in society. Let's analyze of few of the ones you have mentioned...

1) "...the rest of the world does not comply with free market philosophy." Not an issue at all. We all agree that a free market creates the most competition and thus allows for businesses to be as efficient as they possibly can be. Thus in a free market, the companies will be able to out compete any others. The USA is sadly not a free market and thus where it should be able to produce cheap cars and other goods, it has fallen behind to countries such as China, Taiwan, Japan, etc.

2) "...real honest concern for national security both from real terrorism and crime perpetrated by illegals." Again a libertarian society easily resolves this issue. In a country where a judicial system functions, as the USA does for the most part, criminals are less likely to come and test their luck. Similar to cities that are "gun free" and others that promote "stand your ground" policies. If a country poses itself as a big risk for a criminal via efficient prosecutions and harsh punishments, then criminals will think twice about committing a crime in these locations. The main issue is that we have laws such as against drugs, prostitution, gambling, etc, that consume the resources that would normally be dedicated to fighting real crime.

3) "From a workers perspective illegals do lower our standard of living." Yes, this could be considered a draw back to Libertarianism, but only in the short term. If you are a hard worker, good at what you do, then you will move up. If you start out as a factory sweeper, you may grow into a position of an assembly line, and if you continue to work hard you move into higher and higher positions up to the point of your ability. I have a great example of one of our farm hands that started out as a hoer (manually removing weeds from the fields), he then became head hoer, eventually moving up to tractor operator, and eventually up to manager of spraying. He lived under a temporary shack made out of a plastic tarp and some small trees he cut down with a machete. It was him, his wife, and two baby girls. He passed away in an accident a few months ago, but left his wife with over $1 million dollars in equity between farm land and machinery, one of his daughters went to a renowned university abroad, while his other daughter finished high school and married. This is all from a man without more than a 6th grade education. Now he was only able to move up because there was someone to take his spot from below. As the company (farm) grew, he grew. If companies are able to higher cheap labor, they need someone to supervise that cheap labor. If they have cheap labor they can compete worldwide and grow. The hard working Americans will automatically be given the chance of supervisor/manager/etc. simply because they have worked and proved themselves already in the company.

4)...culture. Well of course the culture will change, it is always changing. But our values should remain the same; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (the principles of libertarianism). Mexicans will learn English because the economy will demand it of them. Public schools shouldn't exist, in a libertarian society, thus they are irrelevant. If a private school only teaches in Spanish, that is their decision, but I can assure you that they will not last long.

You have assumed that Libertarianism will not work with an open border, but what you are analyzing is how socialism will work with an open border. Socialism is what we have today and it does NOT work with an open border. Socialism must prevent goods and services from competing with its own goods and services and must prevent people from entering because of abuse on its social programs. Reanalyze your points but look at it as if you were living in a free market, in a libertarian society.