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i think I agree with you

I confess the following:

1. I do believe borders are necessary, particularly in the case of a welfare state.
2. This is not yet a "brown" country. Look at the latest census. Perhaps it is "brown", in the sense that brown people are the rightful owners.
3. My inclination is to reject the notion that"free people respect other's property"
4. Plantations and Prison walls keep people in. Border fences, in this case, would keep people out.
5. I actually think that border control may very well have the effect of increasing my freedom.
6. I'm not looking for the Govt to protect me, because the Gov't is pro-open border and has resisted controlling the border for the 50 years we have been having this discussion. I am fighting against Government's attempt at further encroach on my liberties by refusing to secure the border.

I will grant you this...

IMO we need to ask ourselves if freedom is in order, or are reparations in order?. As I grasp it, your point is that I owe the "brown" people south of the border entry into this country, and should shoulder all the associated costs. Further, you reject my offer of a compassionate resolution for those already here, namely amnesty, in return for the steps being taken to prevent further illegal entry. It appears you object to the idea of future border control, even after amnesty.

So I am confronted with the prospect of unlimited migration of "brown" immigrants from the south, whom I have wronged in some way, whom I owe in some way, and who are very aware of the debt which I owe and the wrong with I (through the immorality of my decedents) inflicted on them.

if you are correct, then my very presence on this continent is nothing but an injustice, the result of past injustice. If I am not mistaken, you are for free and open borders as a form of reparation to those of native blood, on behalf of the current U.S. citizenry of European ancestry.

Thank you for your opinion. I'll give it further thought.