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"Does it really take decades of disaster to change the way Americans think? How do we help the simple truth win?"

When offers of information become available, as available as sunlight, those who care to know better can sunbathe, those who care not to know better can find dark places to find relief from the sunlight.

As far as the concept of blow back goes, it seems to me, the use of the one Fraud Money moves power from those who make it to those who steal that power with that crime in progress made legal, and that is blowing back constantly, in the form of more and more crimes made legal by those who invest in such things as crime made legal.

When pregnant mothers are being hog tied by "police,' when women with children are being sexually assaulted by "judges," and "police," and when the congregation of a church are tortured for months, and burned alive, and when sky scrapers full of people are demolished, and when foreign countries full of people are bombed into parking lots, all for the protection of crime made legal, then the investors in such things, through the money they use, will haunt out any conscience those people were born with, as those investors get what they pay for, which are hands soaked in innocent blood.

The truth is only worth something to those who do not invest in the best liars that the one money can buy.