Comment: obama has fallen victim - a worthless article

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obama has fallen victim - a worthless article

"This confluence of influences and pressures makes the potential for presidential scandal far more prevalent in the second term."

"Curse", "confluence of influences and pressures", "potential", etcetera... these are all idiotic euphemisms that attempt to divert our attention from the men who reign at the heart of the scandals.

His logic in general as a writer is not just euphemistic, but simply fails. He ends his piece with "the potential for presidential scandal". This is a silly end as he started beyond "potential", out of the gate, to show us that the "scandal far more prevalent" was manifest in all cases.

"perhaps the next president should institute the new custom of a one-term presidency for the sake of his own legacy"

Perhaps we should abolish the office of President altogether.

It's clear to me that it was a mistake to ever have created such an office. I scour through the latter writings of Thomas Jefferson confident that one day I'll discover that he came to the same conclusion before he died.