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lol,you are too funny

first you complain about not being able to type well
your dyslexia and all that,then i see your comments and not a word spelt wrong
and not a letter out of place
Now again,the poster said demolishing a lobby,this to you means destroying a people,while they might be people,a lobby is a Representative of another group
now if i demolish an idea,one that DOES NOT belong on our soil,then i am
doing the right thing, no lobbyists from other countries belong in the halls
of congress
for that matter,no lobbyists belong in them halls anyways,them halls are supposed to be for our reps,not foreign countries soapbox,but as i (not you maybe) have seen more than my share of other interests being put above mine
IN MY FACE? you seem to gloat over the fact your love for israel is greater
than the love of the creator,as you put that country above GOD
i have told you way too many times i love people,but can't the gov's,have you grasped that yet?? so,go right ahead and gloat over your love affair
i have consistently talked to you like i do everyone here ( a friend first)
and you have the audacity to type IN YOUR FACE!!!! so go right ahead and defend the satanists all you want,till the cows home,till you are blue in the face
and yes,you are ignorant,as you align yourself with the very ones who are set against god,IN MY FACE!!!!!
you set yourself against god and gloat about it,if it were me,i would be on my knees,begging for forgiveness,but not you,you gloat over that fact
you set yourself apart from god by bowing down to the Babylonian gods,just as do most gov's out there(ain't you speshul??)
go ahead and write your reams if it makes you feel better,it will show me just who you are,or what you are :)
BTW,the commenter did not apologize,instead of arguing with your idiocy,the word was changed,just to shut you up,but don't take my word for it,ask that question yourself (but i bet you won't) or you could just re-read that comment again.
and you still missed the whole idea about that comment,again,you be the ONLY one,the only one!!! weird isn't it?
and you win every time?? no the granger,most here just got plain sick and tired of the nonsense and the lies,and chose to leave you alone.except for IRA,he seems to get a kick out of yanking your chains
you know who wants to waste a whole day explaining what the word demolish means,and in what context it was meant in
so yeah,IN MY FACE,you might think you win,but what is it exactly you think you have won,as you have given your own soul away?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence