Comment: not to take the bait, but you

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not to take the bait, but you

not to take the bait, but you can probably find enough volunteers among the 70% of americans who want the border controlled to cross hands across the border twice and provide tour guides back to mexico for groups of 7.

or you can just ask mexico how they do it.

the idea that its actually logistically difficult to make attempting crossing the border more trouble than its worth is a little dumb.

if you think the government is trying but just can't figure it out, with its 21,000 border agents, its x million dollar budget, infrared satellites, motion detectors, fences, basic geographical intel on where the routes and crossings actually take place, and giant falcon headed drones w laser beams coming out of their eyes... you're pretty naive, or just willfully obtuse.

however, if your principles are correct, let's carry them to their logical conclusions.

we shouldn't stop at the mexican border. we should make it known to the entire world that there is no limit or legal restriction to full entry and citizenship. if your ethics are consistent, that is ethically correct. if your economic principles are valid, global wage arbitrage to the lowest common wage for every form of employment will be a boon to everyone.

can we get a show of hand starting w dwalters on approval of the above plan?

how many people do you think we can get next year. 10, 15 million? lets get it so that the wage and living standard disparity between the poorest and richest countries reaches parity and equal average by 2020.