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Is it just me

or does anyone else here see the possibility here for an absolutely grand designed, masterminded, candidacy announcement in 2016 for a Dem "sleeper" in republican disguise?

Maybe it's just a genuine sales pitch for a Senate re-election after having switched parties with mid terms approaching, but it is also an almost perfect scenario -

Democrats, and this administration, after the surveillance scandal, Benghazi, IRS, etc. are damaged goods, and soiled.

Answer: Distance quickly, and run as a republican.

This guy suddenly has appeal to liberty movement people, republicans, democrats, with an unusually high quality production video just "to explain his ship jump"...

And he talks it all. All the same major issues that election time brings up, and smoothly at that. Almost like a pre-candidacy announcement pitch.

I'll just sit back and watch a while before I jump on the bandwagon.

My trust has to be earned. Just giving me some candy doesn't make me your best buddy.