Comment: This is one of the most fitting posts I've read

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This is one of the most fitting posts I've read

My comments may be long as I address some of what you wrote, which by the way was not too long nor too short, and written succinctly. I live in an urban area with what I believe right now is seeing more migration than any other area in the United States.

"Tired" - I often tell my dad I'm tired. So then he asks if I'm getting enough sleep. Yes. Then he asks if I'm depressed. No. Then he asks if my thyroid is OK. Yes. I just get tired. Part of it is caregiver burnout but I think much of it has to do with the hustle and bustle and being a wage slave and not being able to put my hands into soil to plant things.

I'm tired of traffic, tired of car alarms, tired of having to hear everyone yelling, tired of loud noises, tired of sirens, tired of nutcases, and I can't stand setting foot downtown. I'm neither aggressive nor impulsive, but having lived in a major city for the past 15 years, I have noticed my judgement has been compromised at times. I do see the aggressive and impulsive all over though. People are at their wits end.

I do have a minor liberal streak running through me, although not much. I take the time to read books and research things (in particular bandaids) and have witnessed firsthand the desperation of people wanting help from who think they can save them, when in fact those people enslave.

I have a friend who leeched off the unemployment system for two years until it ran out and got a job for a while, got another 6 months, who says "I paid into unemployment all my life, I deserve it." I've told him I believe it's employers who actually pay into unemployment. But he is a dear friend whom I don't want to lose so now I am trying to find him a wage slave job. He's so desperate right now he says if he didn't have a wife and kid he would kill himself. Add on top of that he's over 55 years old.

It is true that many dowtowners as I like to call them look down upon "hicks" or "NASCAR loving idiots". I tell people I'm a hillbilly who is stuck in an urban lifestyle. I hang out in both circles, rural and city, and I can say, without a doubt, is that the rural people have things right. I say I am stuck but I know that some day I will escape and I keep taking small steps.

>>>in favor of stacking people like cord wood in "sustainable" high-rise densely occupied communities. <<<

This is what I see daily and what I contribute to in my wage slave job. I like helping to things however, it's a skill. But the massive influx of people into these communities where I live see these structures as actually more free than where they came from.

I wouldn't buy one of these 1.8 million dollar 3 story reach out and touch your neighbor homes with no yard, ever. They are horrendous and disgust me. Very rarely are single family homes being built. Instead, the beautiful artisan homes that were built long ago by families, are being bulldozed and turned into fortresses of the elite, like the facepalm lady in Menlo/Atherton. Her place is a blight on the neighborhood.

Very good post. Thank you.