Comment: The Mountain is Rumbling

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The Mountain is Rumbling

It is indeed a fire works show of David and Goliath, the internet and main stream media. Side shows are beginning to reveal the importance of early thoughts and actions of the 1776 era. People responded to the censorship of Ron Paul. A man attends a Ron Paul rally after receiving an Obama shirt, hears the Constitutional words being proclaimed, and replaces his shirt with a Ron Paul shirt. A young lady traveling to California for her wedding, hears those Constitutional words in Kansas at another Ron Paul rally, speaks with her future husband and donates all gifts to Dr. Paul's campaign. An employee travels from Washington state to California, hears the inspiring words of Liberty, and presents Dr. Paul with a check for his campaign.

These are the same thoughts, ideas, and statements that inspired a previous generation to endure, persevere and overcome a powerful political system. The system now involves political, media and corporate entities floating on an ark of fiat money.

We The People,when reminded of the Liberty that once was, can remove the power that corrupts by voting Ron Paul for President and securing the Constitutional Republic for our posterity. Common sense must prevail or our land will not be the home of the free.