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my statement on the abundance

1. my statement on the abundance of volunteers totally outside the purview of govt bureaucracy is totally accurate. millions of people would form well regulated state militias in the border states to monitor the border.

of course i'm serious. lol this isn't controversial...

if these state govts offered some minor subsidy a la volunteer fire dept, it would attract plenty of able and responsible people even beyond pure volunteers.

perhaps you do not realize the problems and burden illegal immigration is having on the infrastructure and standard of living of these border states. look at California for the future of the american southwest and the country in general. people would line up to turn it back.

2. as for mexico, millions would love to cross through mexico to reach USA, they get turned back without a problem and without excessive violence. they know they're not gna get through, so they don't have the volume...

3. your 'playing dumb' statement about how successful border patrol "has been so far" -- stop playing dumb, as if you missed my point that they're obviously not actually trying to control the border.

4. as for your economics lesson, if you think opening a pipeline of unlimited low skilled labor into a limited size economy is inherently, necessarily a positive, you're just wrong. its supply and demand, if you constantly add to the labor supply you're just going to drive wages down and increase income disparity, which has destabilizing political effects when it occurs rapidly. it isn't purely economic, it's political.

You do not want a population of predominantly low skilled, low ability, low income labor, no property and no prospects, who's only outlet for exercising power is organized numbers - not in a democracy. They will turn to the ballot box as a weapon for redistributing wealth and exercising political influence. This is how revolutions happens, how socialism gains a foothold.

you are analyzing the economics of it without regard to the politics, which is more basic and fundamental.

america was lucky to avoid these kinds of pressures for a variety of reasons, which produced a low pressure economic profile with low average disparity in wealth and a strong middle class, upward social mobility - the wellsprings of classical liberalism. you want to import the opposite conditions? your ideology is making you blind.