Comment: Open the Borders!! Welcome all of the Human Race!

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Open the Borders!! Welcome all of the Human Race!

Big problems associated with Immigration include:
1. Welfare State-Solution: end it through education
2. War on Drugs- Solution: end it through education
3. Laws restrcting ownership of weapons- Solution: 3-d printers lol and a better understanding of the 2nd Amendmant through education
4. Misunderstanding of property rights- Solution: reestablish a proper understanding of property rights, including the right of the property owner to defend his/her own property

I was born in the United States of America, "Land of the Free." And though our Bill of Rights are consistently abused, the United States offers freedoms other countries do not have - be it religious freedom, freedom of speech, etc. If I wasn't born in the US and didn't want to live under the rule of a tyrant, who are you to tell me I cannot enter your country? The reality is the limitations prevent many from entering sometimes based simply on geographic location. I don't think keeping people out is consistent with the principles of Liberty. And I don't think its ethical. I don't believe in breaking laws and believe respect for the law is important. So my solution would be to take off any limits.

I don't have the time tonight and perhaps others could argue the point better, but it is not only ethical, it also provides many economic benefits.

Before I go I want to stress that the post below suggesting Drones was very disturbing!?!?!?