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My comment states clearly: "my property".

I haven't had a migrant step onto my property recently. Truth is though, that I live close to the arbitrary government delineated line between what are arbitrarily referred to as Minnesota and Manitoba. The border there is a boundary limit for jurisdiction. "Open" and "closed" remain undefined as of yet in this post, and I'm not really sure yet what anyone here means by these terms. My general impression though, from surmising what might be meant by these terms thus far, and what I have to go through when crossing into Manitoba [and back], is that the jurisdictional boundary limit to my close north is a relatively closed border, both ways. As such I don't find many Canadian migrants on my property. Neither do the Canadians find many American migrants on theirs.

I really don't have much of an opinion regarding how people in Texas [AZ, NM, CA] protect their property, but I am in support of those there who attempt to do so...