Comment: weird how you stress the

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weird how you stress the

weird how you stress the education so much and also the american political tradition, and don't realize the difficulty created by inviting everyone on the planet lol. you must be a quick teacher. or a slow learner, or you're not good at counting.

time for me to bow out of the debate. been going on 2 days w no progress. people will learn the only way they ever do, painful experience.

i'm sure the internet forum discussion of what is TRUE LIBERTARIANISM will be going on 40 years on, when the two parties are tripping over each other to parcel out the last tidbits of property of the former middle class, to appease the 500 million + barely governable, half literate, ineducable, unemployable, police state managed mob of mouths to feed, while the elite live in its walled off, well guarded communities, as usa devolves into one giant third world nightmare.

peace for now!