Comment: i didn't suggest the economy

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i didn't suggest the economy

i didn't suggest the economy is limited inherently. but you can introduce the supply of labor far quicker from an endless source than capital, wages, and industries can adjust. a flood of any supply can put downward pressure on a price and one as important as a broad section of wages can be destabilizing politically, which is more my point - we're in a voting democracy. you might want to prevent it, but theyu are a source of untapped power, and will be given the vote once here. even rand paul is conniving to pass an amnesty.

doesn't feel like i'm making much impact on your thinking here, and the truth is i have no solution, i just find it wildly disappointing how oblivious even the "enlightened" corners of the political right are about what the real world effects will be on the political conditions they face by permitting this unprecedented, bizarre experiment in national suicide. not that you could stop it anyway.

been fun sparring with ya