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I do not agree with bringing

I do not agree with bringing the draft back. I for one and many of my friends are liberty minded and hate these wars. We don't want to be drafted and fight these illegal wars. All of us have been very fearful as Ron Paul has warned as more wars get propped up a draft has a chance of coming back. We love our country, but we don't like the government nor being the idea forced to fight an unjust war basically signing a suicide contract. Like I said I fear for those in my family every day who are in the military. Most of them are waking up and even voted for Ron Paul. Although I wished they were not in the military and were safe at home, without such a high enlistment and their service there would be a draft. But I continue to join my fellow Liberty minded human beings in waking up other people to protest and get active in ending these wars and restoring the republic.