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Well if you think that will

Well if you think that will stop a war think again. Sure protesting will have some effect but the war wont end quickly. There was no draft in 2003 and the largest anti-war protest in history took place but we continued to fight until long into the decade.,_2003_anti-war_protest

A draft is a bad idea. And I don't care what people say even if it means waking people up.

I rather be executed then be forced to fight in war and see people get killed and have limbs blown off and risk having the same happen to myself for something I am strongly against. I say executed because I rather be put out than deal with years of emotional and physical damage. Every time I see a soldier with blown limbs, PTSD, and brain damage, I can put myself in their shoes and feel their pain. I sometimes feel like breaking down as they don't deserve this.

I can understand where some of you are coming from, but I am sure if you were forced to fight these unjust wars, you would be angry to.

Being liberty minded, I am shocked to hear some of you supporting the draft, its one thing to be antiwar and hate the big banks, and corrupt politicians funded wars but advocating for it to be reinstated is just scary.

Like I said if we can only draft the corrupt war supporting politicians kids or those war-hawk Americans who advocate for this crap but don't join the military themselves, then I am for the idea if it will wake them up and have an effect.

Anyone advocating for the draft here should not forget YOU WILL ALSO BE A TARGET OR YOUR KIDS, GRANDCHILDREN AND FRIENDS WILL BE. So think before you wish for such a tyrannical, and unconstitutional thing.