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Comment: Moral Dilemma

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Moral Dilemma

I believe that if people weren't so disassociated with what our military is doing they would be more likely to vote in competent leadership. The opinion that I've gathered is that most people just don't care about "the war". It doesn't affect them, their parents aren't genuine Americans(meaning they don't truly understand what it is to be American), they could care less. The average person that I have talked to within the last two weeks have barely a clue as to what the NSA is doing. They admit to not caring and then they laugh it off as its not a big deal.

If there were a mandatory military obligation people would be more associated with what is going on with our foreign policy. They would be outraged. Furious. Mad. Protesting. I believe that this type of movement would be more successful this decade than it was during Vietnam.

At the same time I don't believe that we should force people to do something against their will.

Although I believe it would wake people up very quickly, It's not the right thing to do and we don't need it to get the message of liberty into peoples conversations.

BTW, this is my first post to the DP. I have been reading this website for a year now and its my first stop when I am "reading the news". This website is going to grow exponentially within the next couple of years.