Comment: Pride, Honor, School, Experience.

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Pride, Honor, School, Experience.

Its not choice. Imagine growing up in a hood. Its a war zone already. Somehow you make it out of high school, you are a minority, you have no money for college. Now you see the choices. Military, Debt, or Drugs and Violence.

a) Military gets you to school, makes mom and dad proud, others around you proud, your a instant hero (even to types like us)... at 18, you arent thinking "crap ill be in a dirt ditch with a bullet in my eye in 6 months" nor are you thinking "crap ill have to put a bullet in some kids eye cowering in a ditch in 6 months."

b) Debt gets you into school too, but the price is paid to the banks. Your blood sweat and years are payment to be "qualified" to work. And there is a good chance that you wont even succeed and will still have the debt and be in the same position... screwed.

c) drugs and violence offers and escape (even if temporarily) but the violent hood will eventually eat you.