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Right on

Right on! It's sad to see people that pretend they care about liberty also not wanting personal responsibility. The questioner asks, what we do with the 55 million babies that have been aborted if we hadn't aborted them and the families couldn't take care of them? That is a ridiculous left wing argument.

1) We don't know that those kids couldn't have been cared for. In fact many, if not the majority would have been taken care of by their family or extended family. So lets knock that number down to 25 million or so.

2) Who knows how many of these pregnancies simply wouldn't have happened if people knew they were going to have to be responsible for themselves and that abortion wasn't there as an easy out! Let's knock that number down another few million to 10 million.

3) This questioner acts like ONLY crack heads have abortions and not the 25 year old working woman who doesn't want to get married and slow down her career. But the reality is that though the poor disproportionately being also poorly educated have sex unprotected quite often, the working class does it too. But still everyone is someone's child and most have a support system that could help them. That goes back to my first point, but strengthens my point.

4) Add to that education to strengthen my second point, that if people were being taught that it was against the law, and you would face jail time if you had an abortion and that it might actually be morally wrong to kill a baby and the numbers creep even lower.

Plug up the influx of illegal immigrants and we have a pretty normal rate of population growth.

Would there need to be some government aid, sure, but at what level? Why not local community, we're the daily paul for goodness sake, think of what the local community can do for people! It's not like big government is the only answer right??