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Incredible to hear Ellsberg speak

He slams Morgan back into his place on whether Snowden should have stayed in the country or not. Listen particularly at 5:44:

Morgan to Ellsberg, with disdain in his voice, following the Government talking points that Snowden should be reviled as a coward for fleeing to Hong Kong: "You stayed in the country, and eventually were not prosecuted."

Ellsberg: Pardon me. I'm sorry, I don't know how old you are (twit), but I have to say, I did face prosecution. And I was facing 12 felony counts.

Morgan: "But the charges were dropped, correct?"

Ellsberg: [The charges] were dropped because, among other things, the President was conducting warrantless wiretapping, on which I was overheard, and lying about it by the way - something that figured in his impeachment hearings, that led to his resignation. Also, he sent people to go into my doctor's office, to get information with which to blackmail me into silence about more secrets, about his own administration. And he had sent people to incapacitate me totally, something that no one has really claimed the President has the power to do. Until President Obama, actually, WHO DOES CLAIM THAT POWER, to do it against suspects - even against American Citizens - anywhere in the world.

Morgan, disregarding all the information Ellsberg has just dropped, rushes to cut him off to protect any mention or discussion of Obama ---> "So should Snowden have stayed in the country?"

Ellsberg: No! First, I think he's benefitted very much. He's caused some real debate, and I hope some real change and some real oversight. The oversight in both Congress and the Judiciary has been shown by his revelations to be totally broken.

But if he'd stayed in this country, he would be where Bradley Manning has been for the last 3 years. At last he's on trial, but he spent 10-1/2 months in solitary, some of that time naked. Edward Snowden would be in that same cell - or some other cell like that - incommunicado.

I think he is very wise to be telling us this information from outside the country. It's a different country from when I released this 40 years ago. Then I was out on bail for two years during that trial - out on a $50,000 bond. I was able to explain what I had done, and what I thought were the crimes that were revealed in that information, [for] which I thank this country.

And as a matter of fact, the things that were done against me to keep me silent were then all illegal, which was a matter of pride as an American. Now they've been made legal. But that doesn't mean they've been made Constitutional. They were unconstitutional then, and the ACLU thinks so now as well.

Morgan rushes to cut him off again, to keep the discussion in the past, not the present ---->

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Greenwald is also tremendous. The whole thing is really worth listening to. I encourage you to do so and spread. The nice thing is that it is Piers Morgan - CNN - so you can pass it along safely to those securely snug in mainstream thinking, and start a nice discussion.
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Earlier Ellsberg had this to say:

"This [NSA snooping] is the kind of thing that started the American Revolution - general warrants to just poke around in the private affairs of citizens. And that was viewed as extremely intrusive. That's why the Revolution was fought, and the Fourth Amendment put in place."

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And then there is the irony of Mox News's title for this video:

Piers Morgan Cuts Off Daniel Ellsberg Mid-Sentence To Go To Paris Hilton.

That's CNN for you. Spoonfed for the masses.

I pray that a massive shift in attitude is coming in this country.

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