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Yes it is true that a stopped clock is right 2x a day. But what is also true is that every one of us needed a catalyst to become awake and see whats really going on. Glen Beck is a man, he even says himself he is flawed. Maybe he is awakening. Hopefully in a year all of us will be cheering him for continuing to make sound and well explained ideas and objections. Anyone who awakens I am happy to support. Any act of good needs to be cheered and I for one am glad he is saying... whoa hold those horses. I for one think this is important because it shows that people en-mass are starting to see through the thin veil of tyranny. He is right, this is going too far.... way too far. Maybe this will be the catalyst for a change we all can agree with. Maybe soon politicians will realize it as well and start to wake up. Maybe this is where we regain our moral code and start to steer the republic back to the rule of law. Maybe this is hope.