Comment: Questions surrounding the death of Michael Hastings

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Questions surrounding the death of Michael Hastings

What time did the accident occur?

Did Michael Hastings live alone?

Was an autopsy report ordered?

I've worked years in a corner's office, and I can tell you the following things...

There are only a few reasons why we have one car accidents like this. One is that a person has been traveling a long distance and falls asleep at the wheel. This does not appear to be the reason for this accident. Another reason is that someone might have had a heart attack. I have never seen a situation like that with a young person ever in the decade I worked. The last reason would be alcohol ingestion. This type of accident only happens usually with people who have a history of alcoholism. Michael Hastings, in my opinion, did not appear to be an alcoholic in the least.

So, all I'm asking is to have more details and information surrounding the death of Michael Hastings. We cannot let this type of information go. We need to have an official autopsy report released, if we can trust that result without interference from the FBI.

That is another question. Has the FBI stepped in this death? That, indeed, would be a BIG RED FLAG!