Comment: This conversation misses a very important point

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This conversation misses a very important point

Everyone here seems to be focused on how to control the evils in society without any centrally authorized police-type system. I say that statement, in an of itself, is misleading.

The missing info was perhaps set up by the op in mentioning that we are currently robbed of around 50% of our returns on our labor. I contend that this makes people assume at most a doubling in wealth (meaning disposable income in most minds) would be the benefit with that weighed against a private security regimen cost for each person/family. Doing this math, the individual comes out roughly similar to where they stand today.

However, the more likely numbers are that we are being robbed of more than 99% of our labor's prosperity. Also, that number relates to our gross income, not disposable. In other words, we should compare around 5 times the income (resulting in 50 times the disposable income!) vs. extra personal security to see which side we like. Compounded on this is the result that even a part-time burger flipping job can now easily support any family without resorting to a life of crime.

So the question becomes: "What would an anarchist society of such vast individual wealth look like and how would it work?"