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Not like I haven't been pondering this or similar projects for years but this lament/rant has become, due to popular interest, an active project. There's a chance this can be a reality so let's see if this chance is a good one.

INTERESTED PARTIES please come together as a working group. PM me and I'll assemble us.

What we need to do is research, Google Earth, find out the gun laws in microscopic detail (and knives, truncheons, bludgeons, nunchucks, spears, swords...catapults...), we want to know where downtown is (I have no clue), we want to know where flood areas are, we want to know where the major highways and means of escape are, we want to know what is "safe" and what is not, we want to know more about other communities/projects are in these areas, we want to know to what extent fire, EMS and PD are operational in what areas, we want to know about the politicians in these areas, we want to know about the zoning laws in these areas (can we do commerce?) we want to know EVERYTHING.

And I am kinda neck deep in this tech deployment. I can't dive into it with my usual single minded gusto. In a few weeks I might have more time but now I don't. And I see no sense holding any of you back.

So please, get to work. Be our eyes and our ears. Send me info and I'll try and keep whatever group of us comes together on this informed and up to date. That at least I can do.

If we do this ground work the next logical step will be to start zeroing in on some actual properties. Let's don't worry about the money for now. I am personally not interested in a single family dwelling just for me. My ambitions would be rather larger. And my vision shows me businesses and industry. We are mechanics, we are welders, we are planters, we are aquaponic..ists, we are (or should be) shop keepers.

I will not move to Detroit to have a life, I have a pretty decent one right now. I will move to Detroit if I believe we can build a future and to achieve a personal life goal. And sometimes it's time to stop waiting for the right thing. Sometimes it's time to make it happen.

Let's begin this process. Let's begin this now and let's begin it together.


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