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Comment: A reach for credibility from a known liar

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A reach for credibility from a known liar

This is GBs reach for credibility. If there was a R-in the white house I am sure he would be saying something different.

He inst waking up, he isn't a good man, he is a low integrity, self serving, snake.

This is what is wrong with america!! We keep turning to and offering respect & credibility to known Liars.

How many times must a man lie to you/us before we stop giving our personal credibility to them by posting and spreading their lies?

GB called me (RP Supporter) a terrorist and wanted the army to be used against me in 2007.

His whole straw man with the FEMA camps being fake was such BS.

Recently. Twice I have seen on this site two amazing revelations that GB said will change xxxxx - and both times NOTHING!!

The man is a known Liar - why do people assist known liars?


Liberty = Responsibility