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The Libertarian Philosophy

promoted about our borders is a sham, period! The Federal government by the Constitution Article VI Section 4A states The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion. An invasion is usually thought to mean an invading military, but it aslo means 'an intrusion or encroachment'. If they are entering without permission, they are encroaching our properties, and should be forced back or penalized. It is a well used term in Football, if somebody crosses the line illegally, they are penalized for breaking the rules. The Constitution is the supreme rule. The Mexicans are taught in school and taught by their ancestrial passage of belief, the whole South Western part of the United States belongs to them, and the believe in the 'Recoquista de Azlan' or to work to take this land back. So, do you think the Founders would have let a mass flow of British into our Republic if it was well known to them, they had plans to infliltrate and take the land back for the King?

Sorry to say, but most of you really haven't a clue about the results of unavaded illegal immigration. Come on down to Houston, Tx. and ride around, stopping at various places, observe the situations, and then come back and base your conclusions. Dr Paul lives about 40 miles from Houston, but I doubt he has journeyed around Houston for a long time. I, nor anybody I know has ever seen him around Houston. Even the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on generaton Mexican Americans dislike those who have invaded our country in the last 10-15yrs, they say they are all freeloading worthless people. Many Naturalized Mexicans who have a business won't hire them, because they only want to work if they need money for the Cantina, or they want to buy something, otherwise, they either don't show or perform poorly, because they are offset by welfare. Their are thousands of cartel operatives and gangs such as MS13 entering our country, not just for selling drugs, but money laundering, theft rings, murder hits, mob type 'protection' payments, and to recruit citizens to garner more access.

All you open borders theorists had better research the Byzantine Empire in order to get a grasp of why you need borders. The Zionist controllers don't want you to know about the Byzantine, they want you to only look at the Roman Empire who were murderous conquerers of land and were never a peaceful properous empire. They lasted 1200 yrs, longer than any civilization, because they didn't let just anybody enter their borders. Here, learn about Ezra Pound, the famous poet on the Byzantium Empire. He was the mentor of Eustace Mullins, and told him to get a job at the Library of Congress to research all the books. Mullins was the first one to expose the Fed, by reading the uncirculated or public destroyed books from the Library of Congress, which he wrote the book 'The Secrets of the Federal Reserve.