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So what you're

So what you're saying is, people who have a right to share their religious opinions with each other should just keep it to themselves? Isn't this sort of anti liberty?

There are a lot of Christians that are members here. This post isn't about insulting Atheists. It's a message that Christians resonate with and might want to discuss. We don't care if you want to discuss it with us or not. You're entitled to your beliefs, but remember that without God, there is NO truth, no right, no wrong, only personal preference. If that's all there is, what has someone who started this thread done wrong? Not aligned with your preferences?

As for your spaghetti monster quote, the differences are mild but let's look at them.

1) what historians agree that the spaghetti monster existed?

2) What eye witnesses recorded what the spaghetti monster said?

3) Where is the philosophical coherency and experiential relevancy of your spaghetti monster's scriptures and how do you bring them to bear on these current events topics?

4) How many people do you know that have actually had conversion experiences based on the history, philosophical consistency and experiential relevance of the Spaghetti Monster? None.

So... who is the troll? I think it's plainly you. Feel free to disagree. Your posts are welcome here on the daily paul, because we're all FREE here! My suggestion honestly is for you to read Luke, John, Acts and Romans, pray to God for a few months and watch him work in your life. Peace.