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The idea would be to CLOSE

The idea would be to CLOSE the tap, the tap of information storage, of information not expressly given permission to store, yes, the damage is done, but lets not make it into a catastrophy by keeping that "tap" open anymore.......(that is my dread)

As you say, voluntarily giving the information, thats the individuals business, as long as it is theirs to give......

I dont recognise WHATSOEVER the authority of departments whose sole purpose is to gather up information on others.......i think it is a DESPICABLE practice......i woukdnt want it from joe down the road, i sure as hell dont want from a department who has the ability to "legaly" threaten you with force

Im not gonna knock anyone who feels that there is a need for them, with created ourselves, everyone, a situation, where their is a possibility, that if we dont, then we may suffer......i say fuck it, if i was god, id obliterate ALL intelligence agencies, across the glode, so NO ONE, has the "upper hand" over anyone else, and as god, i'd create a binding agreement amongst men, to keep it that way, offhand, i think ill call it.....con-sti-pation....wait no, thats not right...

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