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I spent quite a bit of time living in Texas only a couple of...

hours from the border. I worked for a construction company, and spent quite a bit of time hanging out in the barrio with my Hispanic friends that I knew from work. I never heard them say, "[The Mexican immigrants of the last 10-15 years] are all freeloading worthless people."

From my experience, most of the people from Mexico that I've met are hardworking, family oriented people. They've tended to have good values. As with all races, there are "bad" people among them to some degree.

Further, you begin to sound like a statist when you state and seemingly support, " won't hire them, because they only want to work if they need money for the Cantina, or they want to buy something, otherwise..."

Not to mention the fear mongering relating to issues that are a result of drug prohibition, namely, "Their are thousands of cartel operatives and gangs such as MS13 entering our country, not just for selling drugs, but money laundering, theft rings, murder hits, mob type 'protection' payments, and to recruit citizens to garner more access."

You seem to be a through and through neo-conservative provocateur, imho.

Besides, can the border be secured? What are your solutions?