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I trade!

Ha, I know you were just being silly, most are computers that trade, and manipulate the market as best as they can.

Looks like Bernanke gave the market what it wants. More of the same quantitative easing. When he says more printing, market goes up, when he says less, it goes down. Oddly, most of us traders don't want quantitative easing for it's damage to the dollar, but we trade around Bernanke's words. Everyone has quicker fingers on the sell button.

For those current traders, curious as to your thoughts. The indicators are hard to read. +DI is above -DI which is good, but it needs to break above the ADX to signal another run. RSI has also pulled back enough over the past 3 weeks to give it more room to run. Could be another bull rally, but with the DOW so high already, I'd be prepped in case there was a pull back. Looks like a coin flip to me over the next 2 days.