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Comment: Naive

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"Be honest with yourself and the DP: Much of what Mercola pushes on his website has dubious or unverified therapeutic value, if it has any at all."

So let me ask you something. Where is the verification going to come from exactly? What research entity is going to put forth the money to spend millions to verify claims that are made? There aren't any. What they're willing to verify is something they can make money on....patentable. Not something that would allow us people to actually take control of our own health. The people who know this stuff works are the ones that fell through the cracks of the medical establishment when there was no literally saved my life....and because of my journey I've encountered many others with similar stories.

Are there scams out there? Absolutely. But there are also a ton of legitimate treatments out there that will remain unknown to the masses...keeping them in a perpetual dependence on excruciatingly expensive western medicine. Treatments that will never be "verified" by "accredited" institutions.

It's a sham that leaves people dependent.