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John Kerry would also jump in with both feet, carrying the kitchen sink (figuratively, the man himself would hide under a desk, along with McCain and Santorum)

Those folks are Pavlovian dogs, salivating at the war gong. Obama is maneuvering for "high moral ground". The false claims of chemical weapons was a "justification" to encroach further in Syria's civil war (where we DO NOT belong).

Obama certainly wants war, he just wants to preserve the "war on terror" also, which is the only justification for the police state. His goal now is to hold the power for his puppet masters and the next puppet they install. Its why he was chosen, rather than McCain or Santorum.

The insidious "war on terror" is far more profitable (of course, they will profit from all out war too). Its been sustained for 12 years now, I figure they are shooting for another 20, at least.

The emotional event coming next will be a big one, IMO. It will "justify" all out war, and the continued "war on terror", and will be, of course, a 'false flag'.

Obama is also a Pavlovian dog, just a better controlled one.

Just open the box and see