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It's very easy to claim

...that people who disagree with you are "naive" and that you have superior knowledge. It's also very easy to make the claim that there is "no money" in verifying that this or that natural supplement is actually effective. However that ignores the equally valid counter-claim that those who pay to verify a supplement's effectiveness may find out that it has none. It's certainly within the realm of possibility that companies who manufacture supplements, and retailers who advertise and sell them, have a vested interest in not having the efficacy of such supplements medically verified.

Am I claiming this? No. I'm only stating it to point out that both your claim, and the one I just made, are flawed. Just because no one has paid to test a medication or supplement has absolutely no influence on whether or not it is actually effective.

It has taken a long time for news that pharmaceutical companies and institutions of higher education don't have the best interests of the people at heart. For some people, like us, this has been painfully obvious for a very long time. However, in case you haven't noticed, enough people have "woken up" that several independent research organizations have come together in the last decade or so and are really starting to put "established wisdom" to a real test.

One of these organizations is NUSI ( which you may want to check out and follow. If the government won't fund science that might contradict its own guidelines wrt nutrition, then the free market will need to fund its own science, as NUSI is doing.