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Just to be clear, Firefox

Just to be clear, Firefox sends data (your search query) to Google when you do a search that needs to show the search results from Google. Google has a contract with Mozilla to be the default search engine.

"Safe browsing" was designed in a way explicitly to not reveal data to Google because Mozilla is a non-profit and puts users first and that means protecting users' security and privacy. (A little more technical details, Firefox requests a database of potentially unsafe sites from Google, so Firefox can locally check a site without revealing to Google (or Mozilla) the user's browsing history.)

Another example of what Mozilla has done to protect users is Firefox Sync was implemented with client-side encryption, so even though Mozilla servers are used to transfer synced data to your other devices, Mozilla cannot read that data to find out your bookmarks, passwords, etc. This prevents government surveillance because Mozilla designed the system so that only the user has access to the data.

Mozilla being a non-profit that fights for the user is why I help out with this open source project.