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I don't see a reason to conclude that he is a government agent/psy-op or a plant.

But Naomi Wolf makes some good points as she usually does. It bears looking and questioning.

As for him not being lawyered up, I think that is an erroneous assumption. He has stated some fairly specific beliefs about legal systems in hong kong and the US that lead me to believe he did obtain some legal advice from some source, probably prior to his disclosures (if not on an ongoing basis). That he isn't talking about his lawyer, or doesn't have a lawyer holding his hand, could be a p.r. move and a smart one (if he doesn't want to be perceived as guilty, that is).

Assange is fighting a huge battle with pending legal action against him and as such, at this particular moment in time, is not similarly situated to Snowden. That may change any day now.

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