Comment: AEGIS CEC program was developed by Raytheon for $3.6B

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AEGIS CEC program was developed by Raytheon for $3.6B
Navy ACAT ID Program
Prime Contractor
Total Number of Systems: 215 Raytheon Systems Corporation,
Total Program Cost ((TY$): $3,576.1M St Petersburg, FL
Average Unit Cost (TY$): $77.9M
Full-rate production: FY02
Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) is a system of hardware and software that allows the sharing of radar data on air targets among ships. Radar data from individual ships of a Battle Group is
transmitted to other ships in the group via a line of sight data distribution system (DDS). Each ship uses identical data processing algorithms resident in its Cooperative Engagement Processor (CEP), resulting in each ship having essentially the same display of track information on aircraft and missiles. An individual ship can launch an anti-air missile at a threat aircraft or anti-ship cruise missile within its engagement envelope, based on radar data relayed to it by another ship. Program plans include the addition of E-2C aircraft equipped with CEP and DDS to bring airborne radar coverage plus extended relay capability to CEC. CEP-equipped units, connected via the DDS network, are known as Cooperating Units (CUs).

As currently implemented, CEC is a major contributor to the
Joint Vision 2020 concept of full-dimensional protection for the fleet from air threats. In concert with multi-Service sensor and engagement systems, it can contribute to a major expansion of the battlespace.