Comment: i don't buy it

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i don't buy it

johnny rotten and the sex pistols did a better job of mocking the MSM. his support of snowden and manning is to be commended if he is indeed sincere and not simply trying to be trendy, after all this is the same guy who begged the audience at the MTV awards to elect obama to "save the world" and the same guy on piers morgan the other day who said because of sandy hook he agrees with piers saying "the more guns that are available, the more likely for them being used incorrectly here." of course he is much revered at huffington post and gawker, no surprise there. finally i find the most uninteresting thing about a person is their ego, and when that ego is
off the chart i find it a turn off; and all the fanboy hoopla here at the DP over him i find curious to say the least. what's next a lady gaga thread?