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I understand your point very well.

I was its biggest proponent for over a decade.

I was an expert at pointing out the failures of government to Republicrats, and why limited government is the answer, etc.

Ancap I thought could never work for a variety of reasons

Then I read a couple of books on Ancap and literally slapped myself in the forehead. It turned out it was more my lack of imagination and problem solving skills that was the reason why I thought Ancap would not work. Once I read a few books, although one in particular that demonstrated (in much greater detail than my videos) I saw Ancap solutions working everywhere.

So if you are in the mood to challenge yourself and your paradigm, I encourage to take an hour and read this free book.

A Practical Guide to Anarchy.

It broke down a lot of my practicality arguments, and might just do the same for you.

If not... Still love and respect to you.
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