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It is similar to

It is similar to idolizing/worshiping a religious statue. It also reminds me of The Ten Commandments, where they built a false god out of gold and precious stones.

To me, the flag represents what its original intent was, and to be displayed proudly.

I am not materialistic, but I do respect the wishes of others, and would never treat the flag with disrespect. Other than that, it is a flag. Todays climate does not reflect what the flag stood for, so it becomes moot. It would be nice if others could respect the flag for its meaning of original intent, but most Americans do not understand or care.

The Bill of Rights, which I was born with, hold more meaning to me than a man-made product that is subject to loss of meaning, misinterpretation, selfish or otherwise.

I will end by saying that when I am near a flag and the Pledge is recited, if/when the opportunity happens to arise, I try to remind others to think about Americas history. It is a tradition and struggle for freedom that should never be dismissed, or forgotten.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul