Comment: Binary thinking is for people with two brain cells.

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Binary thinking is for people with two brain cells.

There's no need to box yourself in. So don't.

Saying Christianity made this country is little more than arguing that many alive when this country was founded were Christian; that's a fact. Saying their religion was the cause is pure speculation -- one that apprently appeals to your own sensibiities. Good for you.

Saying we need religion to control us so we can avoid the government controlling us is silly once you shed that baggage. So you're not there yet, and probably never will be, as you see it as a step backwards. Okay. But there are plenty of us that believe in serving and living peacefully with our fellow creatures for the short time we walk the earth without superstition or the myth of being watched. We decide to do good all on our own, without the threats or promises of Heaven or Hell. We don't need much more than the golden rule, which is rational in the extreme.

Attacking religion is not an attack on the liberty movement. Everyone maintaining the opposite is guilty of whining for lack of a good argument. If you don't want to argue, then don't. Pray and complain in your closets ;)