Comment: Turning into? In the midst of? We were the first.

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Turning into? In the midst of? We were the first.

The U.S.A. is not "turning into" the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was a failed attempt to turn Russia and surrounding nations into the U.S. "post-Lincoln."

Lincoln was the first communist leader of a major power. The War of Northern Aggression, aka "Civil War" was the first communist revolution, even before the term "communist" was coined or penned. The ideals were the same. The FINANCIERS were the same. (this is the nail in the coffin)

Nazi Germany, Hirohito's Japan, Mussolini's Italy the USSR and many others failed where the U.S.A., Great Britain and France succeeded - how to entrench the leviathan state under a utilitarian banner. Their secret to success? Let the People erroneously retain the vestiges and trappings of "liberty" while the reality is built that they are slaves to the collective.

Do not forget, we started the transition to collectivism. The Nazi's got most of their eugenics ideas from our scientists and our own policies and programs.

The U.S.A. underwent its own transformation through the teens and 30's of last century. It wasn't until the unpalatable death camps came to light that we feigned to abhor it.

What you are witnessing is NOT the U.S.A. turning into the U.S.S.R. or that we are in the "midst" of a coup.

You are witnessing the open acknowledgement of the reality of the last 100 or so years that you weren't taught or allowed to acknowledge.