Comment: the draft is a terrible idea

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the draft is a terrible idea

Did we need to start up the draft and have 50,000 Americans return home in body bags to end the Iraq War sooner?

I agree with Ventura on most things but definitely not with his statements about the draft.

All those Vietnam War protestors didn't do much good for the 50,000 Americans killed in that meat grinder. You could never get anywhere near that number of casualties with a volunteer army.

I think Ventura is being sincere but in no way will a draft stop the next war. I think when the powers that be have another big, high-casualty war in the works, they're going to start pushing the draft on us, and they'll sell it as an antiwar move using arguments like the one Ventura made here.

Don't believe it for a second. They need the draft when they need more bodies for the meat grinder.

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