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Here is one:

Why do you see the need to support Israel over other countries? Israel spies on everything we do, steals our technology, nuclear blackmails us , carried out a false flag attack on the USS Liberty, seemed to be at least partially culpable for 9/11 attacks, and has an incredible, most often malevolent, influence on the US government. His stated reasons for not supporting many Arab countries is that a small percentage of their masses, shown on US State media, holler "Death to America".

The conflation of any country's masses with their power structure is naive at best.

If these people are actually doing this, does that not show they have freedom of speech? And if an Arab country's soldiers came to the US, destroyed most of our infrastructure, raided all our homes late at night, raped our women, galloped around the streets on horseback donning shalwar kameez, checkered scarfs, and Kalashnikovs, forced the women to cover their heads, banned music, declared us terrorists if we fought back, tortured us for minor acts of rebellion, and murdered 1/13th of our populations, all in the name of converting us to what they deem as the proper way to live, would we not at least think "Death to this Arab Country"?

Long question, I know. It has me puzzled though. Is Rand this ignorant or that much of a player? I will not support Rand because of his foreign policy.