Comment: Where there is a choice

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Where there is a choice

We are all born in sin. No matter how difficult it is to choose one way over another there remains a right choice or a wrong choice. Skin color is not sinful because there isn't a choice but homosexuality is a choice.
Also, Jesus said to the scribes, you traverse land and sea to make one proselyte, then you make him twice more the child of hell than yourselves. Jesus did not send the 70 to go after the people. He sent them to make themselves available. He said we are the salt of the earth which means the way we live seasons the lives of others and He said we are the light of the world which means by living the correct way the stumbling blocks become clear to those who may see such a life in action for we all have free will and we all must reap as we sew.
We as Christians are restricted because we are dead to the sinful ways but those who are on the outside are free to do as they wish because sin is their way of life.
The warning is, there certainly is hell and there is a heaven and we certainly reap as we sew. Does God love homosexuals, yes! but it isn't God that puts you in hell. You put yourselves in that condition.