Comment: A day of reckoning is coming

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A day of reckoning is coming

which side will you be on, the paper side or metal side? A little over a year ago I research how much silver was left to be mined, which was estimated to be 20 billion ounces. If you look at the debt clock they added a metals part to it, shows we have just over 18 billion oz left. There is more to be mined but it is not economical to mine until the price goes up.

Since the world uses over 1 billion a year when will the elites let the price go up? Looks like to me there will be no silver to mine after 15 years, I doubt their that stupid to push it that far. Investors are now buying more silver than ever, and every silver eagle minted will most likely never be put back on the market at melt price.

For the silver investor time is on your side the manipulation will have to end at some point. The longer the manipulation goes on the higher the price will go up when it does end. The free market will have it's day of reckoning.

The silver market is like a ticking time bomb that will explode in the manipulators face.

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