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Comment: Government tyranny is just now "starting" to get on your nerves?

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Government tyranny is just now "starting" to get on your nerves?

In June of 2013? Where have you been? I'm also not sure who you are referring to when you claim that "many of us" have been in "denial" and "afraid to admit" how bad the tyranny in America has become. Speak for yourself. That kind of denial has always been a minority position around here. (It took you almost 5 1/2 years as a DP member to realize that "everything is not fine" in America? Really?)

If people (e.g., any one of us, including you) are trying to make a strategic decision as to whether or not to take a particular action, such as the proposed march, it is not "bowing down to the dark side" to consider the possible outcomes ("what might happen"), the likelihood of each, and the ways said outcomes would positively or negatively affect our long-term goal of restoring and protecting liberty. That is, in fact, what any thoughtful person would do. If they then decide that it's a good idea, fine, but if not, why would anyone want to take an action that they feel has a good chance of playing right into the hands of the tyrants and undermining their own cause? Doubting the wisdom of the march on D.C. or concluding that it is a counter-productive plan does not make one a coward, bootlicker, or supporter of government tyranny who is "content with the status quo", as Kokesh has repeatedly tried to paint such people. Apparently you've bought that line and applied it to your ("former") self, but I still don't.